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Eternal Inheritance by Pastor Melissa Scott

In the New Testament book of Hebrews, we are told not to be like
that “profane person Esau.” The Greek word translated profane means
“not discerning the true nature of spiritual things.”

The New Testament writer transposes this history into the spiritual frame and tells New Testament Christians not to be profane like Esau, who failed to discern
the true nature of spiritual things, and not to make the mistake that Esau
made: taking something that tickles and satisfies the immediate sensory
appetites, in his case, and miss the birthright that was his.

In the spiritual frame, don’t be satisfied to get that which satisfies now, and not discern the true spiritual inheritance, which is eternal. You can apply that
yourself. But he said, “What do I care about the birthright? It’s not
going to do me any good; I’m about to die.” Jacob said, “Swear to me
this day.” And Esau sold his birthright unto Jacob.

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