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Get Past What You See by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott teaches from Faith Center


In the book of Revelation the prayers and praises of the saints
ascend as incense before Him. (Revelation 8:3-4)

While everything that went on in the outer court could be seen by the crowd, this inner court was closed off from the crowd, and only one thing happened in there:
burning incense at an altar symbolizing praise and worship to God. In the
inner court, the look was upward to Him instead of outward to men.

The abomination of the people was they never went past what
they saw. They would reduce God’s house and God’s ministry down to
their needs. They would evaluate the church and its ministry on the basis
of what it did for them. A church is a people who belong to the Lord; it
is the house of God assembled together as a household in the Lord’s
house. In this Temple that God was showing them, they had limited their
vision. They only saw ministry to themselves; they wanted a ministry
that would stand before themselves.
God says, “Okay,” and when forced to a choice, “let it suffice
you” to the ministers who followed in their train, “keep on doing it, keep
on leading them in repentance, keep on leading them in dedication.”

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