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Repentance is not Super Emotional by Pastor Melissa Scott

Repentance is not a super-emotional act in the New Testament.  That is something we inherit through Jerome’s Vulgate. The word repentance is a cognate of a Latin word that Jerome used when he translated the Greek text into the Latin for the Vulgate, the Bible used by the Catholics. The Greek word does not put the emphasis on emotion; it puts the emphasis on the will, and it means “to turn from, to.” It is a simple turnaround, from going my way to His way; from justifying my route to accepting the fact He has the right to chart the path.

Pastor Melissa Scott continues, “Furthermore, to be born again” is not something super-mystical. We have grown up in the church and inherited words that I call “spiritual semantical massage.” People shout about them and then walk out of the service not knowing what they mean. Pardon the bluntness: “to be born again” is not some experience that is going to cause lights to go off and glue you to the ceiling or anything like that.

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