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What is Ministry to the LORD? by Pastor Melissa Scott

I want to talk about ministry to the Lord. What is it?

What is involved? I think I know my heart, and I’m sure you know yours. I want God’s priority. I want to put first what He puts first, and I don’t have to go back more than two days to find what’s been first:  more doing in outer court than inner court ministry. I challenge you to take the same look. What is this ministry to the Lord?

I wish I could make it more glamorous. If I could define it that you had to starve for three days, sell your home, go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and climb a mountain to a certain place, I’d probably get more candidates than the less glamorous thing I’m going to talk about. There is nothing mystical about ministry to the Lord.

Pastor Melissa Scott explains that there is a first item: “They shall come near to me.”

Now what was involved in that in the Temple?

In the Temple you had to physically change your place. You had to stop what you were doing in the outer court, turn your back on it or at least walk away from it, and move through a barrier into an inner court where God alone became the object of focus. You had to exercise your will to turn off the line of human need; turn yourself, and bring yourself into the inner court. Now I don’t think you have to go any place to minister to the Lord today because He is wherever you are, but it is nonetheless a specific and precise turning of the mind’s attention and a deliberate tuning out of the pressures of human need and a specific tuning in of God Himself.

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