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God Takes Delight in My Miserable Gifts by Pastor Melissa Scott

As C. S. Lewis says, the mystery of grace is that God who needs nothing would
covenant a plan that would let us stumble along and share with Him in His Kingdom, and would covenant a plan where God would take delight in my miserable gifts to Him when He created it all.

Pastor Melissa Scott goes on to say, it is an act of grace. Nabal was given the opportunity of his life, but he missed the opportunity. He failed to understand with spiritual ears attuned that his was the great opportunity to share with God’s true king.

Nabal was so wrapped up in what he saw and what he had that he missed the opportunity. God smote him, and he died; he never made it into the kingdom.

There are rich people today who can no longer listen with a simple, sensitive ear to God’s whisper, God’s tug on their heart. They are pulled so many directions because of their riches that they build a shield and miss the opportunity when God comes by.

Businessmen would empty their pockets to pay the bill to send Elijah to Mt. Carmel, where all the excitement was going on and the activity was obvious; but they wouldn’t give him a penny to send him to Cherith, where the brook dried up. He was just as much in God’s will going both directions.

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