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Some Giants of the New Testament by Pastor Melissa Scott

Henry Ward Beecher once advised young preachers to be careful about trying out their budding theology on their congregations, lest they have to spend the rest of their days explaining they didn’t really mean what they said in that neophyte stage.

He made the point that some things take the seasoning of experience. The truths of God’s Word do not change, but experience is a great teacher. I have learned to respect the words of a seasoned warrior.

Peter, Paul, and John are the giants of the New Testament, and when these three men in diverse places with diverse experiences and with diverse backgrounds speaking to diverse people all say the same thing as their last word, pay attention.

We are majoring on “God’s repeatables,” the things God says more than once.

Now let us look at the diversity before we come to the word.  Each of these men comes from a different starting point. Watchman Nee, the Chinese theologian, asked what was Peter doing when God called him? He was fishing.

What was Paul doing when God called him, as a trade? He was a fire-breathing, hot-headed crusading member of the Sanhedrin set forth on the Damascus road to take Christians into bondage, but in terms of trade and background, he was a tentmaker. Now what was John doing? He was mending nets. Peter became the fisher of men, preaching to large crowds: he pulled in the net. Paul continued to be the tentmaker of the spiritual house: he wove the fabric and put it together. And John became the mender of the tent: he is noted as the pastor and the apostle of love who held it together and mended the tent.  That means that God knows where you are at when He calls you and He has need of you. In the body of Christ, each one of us has a place. God will use what you have.

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