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Find The Name That Fits by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Scott Teaches on The Names of God


I have been in valleys, and I have been in darkness. Years ago I decided I would preach Christ and I said I would never, ever bring any of my personal problems or personal crises to the pulpit. I have learned over the years to hide behind the Word and to hide behind Jesus. But the fact still remains for some many years when I had nothing but the Lord and His Word, I learned it was enough. The years have not been easy.  I set out to do the Lord’s work in my own strength. I had to come to failure and had to be driven to a point where I had nothing but God to learn what F. B. Meyer said, that when you run out of your inadequate resources, then and only then do you begin to tap the abundant and neverfailing resources that reside in God.


“Let him trust in the name of the LORD.” God took the trouble to turn the focus meter in such a way that I could catch a glimpse. God just hid Moses in a cleft of a rock, and God let Moses catch a glimpse of Himself. But God, through Moses and others, spelled it out in bold lines what He will be to you. There are other names. When your darkness comes, will you find a name that fits? And then, trust; hang your body on it.

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