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An Act of Grace by Pastor Melissa Scott

We live in an age where everybody wants to create a God they
can approve, but the facts are, that if God exists, it is more
important to be on His side than it is for me to somehow make Him
conform to my opinion.   

If He doesn’t exist, don’t mess with it; but if He does, this is
His Word and He says the ultimate proof of God’s right to put
everybody in one man is what happened after Adam. Did they die? 

They sure did: all of them are dead. Go find one of them still
living; they’re all dead.

Pastor Melissa Scott continues, therein is the proof, God can just
bundle us all up and put us in one man.  In Adam, for one’s sin, He
could let us all die; now for the life and death of One, He can
put us all in Christ, and treat us all as dead on the cross, and
now let us live in Him. It is an act of grace.

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