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Balance: Spirit and The Bible by Pastor Melissa Scott

Ezekiel 44 is part of a series of visions given to the Old Testament prophet that speak of a time of restoration. This particular chapter is in the middle of many such visions and has to do with the restoration of worship. It is one of those chapters in God’s book where a point is made in the extreme, but the book of God will balance it.

There ought not to be either…or’s in the things of  God.

Some people think all we need is the Spirit. Well, the Corinthian church proves the Spirit is not enough; they were “plutocrats in the Spirit,” but they needed the Word. Some people think all we need is the Word. You cannot have the Word more abundant or real than the Word made flesh and dwelling among you; yet with the Word Incarnate in their midst, the New Testament disciples were too weak to stand. On the day of Pentecost, to those who had obeyed and in whom the Word had been planted as a seed, the Spirit was added and the church was born in a day.

Both the Spirit and the Word are needed. The most difficult thing in ministry I have learned is staying in balance: balancing all of the dimensions of what God wants us to be and to do in Him.

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