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Do you want Power? by Pastor Melissa Scott


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Those of you in your life who want power, I am not talking about what we normally think of as power, but the ability to influence the lives around you for God and the ability to communicate to your loved ones. It will radiate out of your being, that peace of God and that trust, that can trust God no matter what; that can look up in the darkest hour and say, “I know He is able.” Well, you are never going to learn that until you find it out for yourself. As F. B. Meyer says, you never really tap God’s resources until you get beyond your own. You never learn what He can do until you get out of His way and let Him do it.

That is the message of Elisha at Jordan: he stepped off, and as they two went on, the mantle fell.  Some people would build a monastery out there, proclaiming, “I’m the man who saw Elijah go and the chariot of fire and the horsemen and the mantle fall.” They would build a spiritual shrine out of the mantle. They would spend the rest of their days having people come and look at them for the great experience they had. I don’t find anywhere Elisha even talking about his experience. He went back; and notice that when he got back to the Jordan River, the river did not give him any problems anymore. Once you cross whatever your test is, where you learn that you can trust God (and it can happen now) and you take that step, once you learn it, you never have to cross the same Jordan again.

Elisha smote the water and the waters rolled back, and then he went back into ordinary life. He went back. Some people think that to be spiritual you have got to look so funny that the world will be scared of you. Jesus brought God’s nature into ordinary life where men work. He didn’t have any church organ preludes; He didn’t have any emotional atmosphere. He walked right into the dusty streets where men worked and lived everyday life and brought the life of God there. That is exactly what He wants us to do.

Elisha went back and almost became a socialite. In his miracles, from healing the drinking water to rescuing a borrowed axe head, he took the new life back into ordinary life; and God wants us to do the same today.

God, give us a church full of people who will walk out and find out that God is able. Face the test. Tenaciously seek Him, and you will find Him. Then take His life wherever you go.

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