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Full of Water by Pastor Melissa Scott

She had terrible arthritis and I remember watching her hands and they’d shake. I remember watching her hands and thinking, “Ph! That’s easy!” Right. I was a kid. Excuse, excuse, excuse. So I sat down with my first piece of clay and actually it was recommended don’t think big, think small. Of course when you’re a kid everything is easy and it’s no problema. Right? So I sat down and I had that wheel going about ninety miles an hour.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that they have these pump peddles that you would, like a sewing machine, you’d pump it, pump it like that for five minutes to get the thing to start going. And then another peddle, which was the speed regulator. Well I had that thing going so fast it was just going and going and going. Actually I was watching that little center dish on there and it was going round and I thought, “Wow, that looks like a record in there.” What is a record, right? Now I put that block of clay and got my hands all full of water and I’m ready to go and I just “mmmm!” I just pressed right in there. And the thing went whirrrr-poof! One down.

On the second one I got a little wiser. I slowed the thing down a little bit. I was probably now doing the legal speed limit on the wheel and I said I won’t press that hard. And man, that thing probably took me an hour to just make a little dent in it because I didn’t want it to fly off and hit the kid next me like I did the last time. So that didn’t go too good though because I at the end had to rush because class is going to be over. Of course it ended up somewhere also.

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