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Empowered by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott continues her teaching:

Five different episodes occur until finally he says the Lord quickened his mind to understand that these forces around him, the people that were urging him to step forward, those people could not understand what God had revealed to him in his spirit, that he had been quickened from the inside. Still living in this fleshly vessel, still trapped as I’ve said many times with wrestling of Romans 7, the Spirit and the flesh duking it out.

And when that realization comes you then begin to understand why Paul says we’ve been empowered. People take that text and then it becomes a license to say, “You’re empowered to sin no more.” Well I’ll sin no more when I get my glorified body, but right now I’m still living in this thing that I inhabited before God found me. Yes, He’s come in and He’s probably done some interior cleaning and some redecorating. But He hasn’t built a new house yet.

So with that mindset he says, “You were walking according to the course” – the flow. And it’s more important to hear the spirit than to make the actual corrections of the words being used. We know the words in the Greek for “prince of the power of the air.” The King James rightly so makes it so he being a prince must have right to a throne. The world is his throne. This is where his rule is.

Arkas, at the front or at the beginning of one that is in line to reign, which he does. And “the spirit that now worketh in the children” – literally “the sons of disobedience.” Now I find that fascinating.

The more I study what Paul says, the more I think inspiration by God, even though there are times Paul says, “I don’t know if I’m speaking or if it’s the Lord” inspiration: “the sons of disobedience.” Well just look at what Adam did, his act, an act of disobedience.

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