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Evidence of . . . by Pastor Melissa Scott

For we are His workmanship.” Something He is doing in us, to us, by His hand, by His Spirit. Nothing that I bring to the table is going to help in that capacity, my salvation. He goes on to say, Dr. Boice frequently would quote from Dr. Barnhouse. In fact, if you read Dr. Barnhouse, you’ll find a lot of Dr. Boice’s thinking comes straight out of Dr. Barnhouse. You will see it is this good mindset to say, “No works, but…” And what we end up having are people that are so confused about what we’re supposed to do now.

Had this read, when it says the Spirit of – the evidence of – that the evidence of one’s salvation; had it been prefaced by saying the fruit, what comes out of the person once the Spirit is deposited, what comes out of you.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that fruit Galatians talks about, which could include you doing things that you would never normally do. But if you’re going to try to equate your salvation with something you can do, then let me ask the question. Why do you need God and why did you need Jesus to hang on the cross for you? If you can do it yourself, why do you need any of this other stuff?

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