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God is God by Pastor Melissa Scott

We will probably work for the next ten, fifteen, twenty years chiseling away at who said what, why and when. But I’m interested in what the Bible says, so when I bring the subject to you about predestination, we should be more focused on one thing: calling and election because that’s what Jesus talked about. If we want to say, “Did He talk about those that are predestined to this and predestined to that? Or are there those who are predestined to salvation and others to damnation?  That’s the question everybody wants answered.

Well if you read what Jesus says, He gives the answer. The answer is that in the world there are – this is the wheat and this is the tares. And God is God. He can say, “I’ll change those tares into wheat because I’m God, I’m sovereign.” But He says, “The wheat and tares, let them grow together until harvest time. The wheat I’ll take into my barn. The tares I’ll burn up.” He gives the answer. Do we need to make a box so everybody can color in the box now and know, “Now I’ve connected every single dot; there are no gray areas.”

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that having laid that foundation, which I just covered about probably seven hundred years of crazy theology in less than five minutes. Having laid that foundation, my text brings me back to this: God’s plan for mankind, to redeem us. And if you know why these people were in bondage, if you read the record in Genesis when – I think it’s Genesis 15:16 when He says the fourth generation, they’ll come back out. Was it A) the father’s sins being visited on the children? Was it B) whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth? or was it C) I’m going to get this stiff-necked people in line before I lead them into the Promised Land because if I don’t do thus-and-so they ain’t never going to appreciate it. God’s the boss.

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