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The Gospel Records by Pastor Melissa Scott

Throw it aside. To whom did he appear outside of the Gospel records? Well poor John, old John; well we know the Gospel of John, but outside the Gospel records. The book of Revelation, poor John is on the isle of Patmos. Poor old fellow, you know some people, they just criticize and say shouldn’t be in the Bible. Trust me it needs to be in the Bible. It was intended to be in the Bible. But the risen Lord appears to Him in that passage and He says, “I was alive and I became dead and I’m alive now.” scared the liver out of him. Poor old man, “oh my goodness.” he fell at his feet like he was dead. He couldn’t believe it and not recognizing who was in front of him immediately because this was the glorified Lord. Completely glorified.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that well John wrote that Gospel so maybe he was still hung up on the fact that he needed to support some of his other writings, so throw that out the window. I don’t. I believe it, but for the sake of the skeptics. So what you’re left with is the most preposterous testimony in the whole Bible. You’re left with the most ridiculous story. Paul. He had no association with any of the Apostles. He had no reason to write and convolute this crazy story, because he was, as it says in Acts 9, he was breathing out threatening and took pleasure in persecuting the Church. The craziest story in the whole Bible is that story of Paul. And I pray that there’ll be some skeptics that will say, “well I’ve heard all of the proofs.” this one to me is the greatest one, because his testimony doesn’t count for anything.

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