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God’s Looking by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that let me ask you and it’s rhetorical. No answer needed. What do think will happen if somebody is not told the purpose for their being called out to go through this process, to end up as the ideal man? What do you think happens on the last day of a person’s life? And people say, “well I believe.” but what did you believe while you believed? And by the way belief another anglicized anomaly. We faithe. Belief just something simple in the mind, if you don’t have the action in front of it, you’re only half way there. It’s like people saying, “yeah, I’ve got a car. But I don’t go anywhere because I don’t even get in the car, put the key in the ignition, put it in drive and press on the gas.” that’s action. My belief is that once I do that I’m going to start going. And the confidence is everybody else is going I will go too. But if there’s not that attachment to this ideal man, God help those people who are not seeing and understanding what the church exists for.

Now solely on the basis of what I’ve just said we always come back to the same thing. We exist here to bring forth the ideal man. No one will be made – we’re not perfect. God’s looking for people to trust Him, we’re not perfect, we become perfected. We’ll never be perfect here. We become perfected. It’s almost like saying, “when I cross the threshold, the glorious time between my last breath and my first encounter over there I’m perfected. If I’m sick, I’m healed.” I’m not going to have people come and say, “what is you doctrine? What do you believe?  My belief is that the church’s responsibility; the church is not taking responsibility to produce this. It’s just like the Navy, Army, the Marines: “the few the proud.” those people who say, “well my son or my daughter went” and it’s tough; only a few, a small percentage make it. “are you meaning to tell me when it says, ‘many are called, few are chosen’ it’s like that?  Well it’s pretty close. Because the fact of the matter is we know it’s a tough trip.

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