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Good Words by Pastor Melissa Scott

I’ve said the most important, but I do need to follow my notes today, because there’s an awful lot of corrections to the text that I’ve made as I’ve combed through here. Now, I want to say one thing about grace before I move on. The act, what Shem and Japheth did, they wouldn’t look upon their father’s nakedness, unlike the other son, they took a cover, they walked in backwards, and they covered the father up so as not to look on his nakedness. And here’s another “Scottism”: God “Shems” me. That’s my picture of grace. I’m covered in what He puts on me, like Shem and Japheth walking backwards and not looking. Although He knows all about me, I’m covered in this invisible covering.

It’s like an umbrella that’s over me, but I can’t see it, and I didn’t even open it. It’s not even something you nor I can see, but I’m standing in it, I’m covered in it. That’s part of my salvation. And verse 3: “Blessed,” and I’ve made some corrections. Let me just skip to the latter part of verse 3, because that is an essential portion of “who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ.” Now, the “blessing,” and some of you who’ve been here a long time have heard this. That word is eulogia. Where it’s being translated “blessed” or “blessing,” eu-: good words. When we go to a funeral, we eulogize, we speak good words.

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