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Giving, Tithing, And The Firstfruits Offering by Pastor Melissa Scott

I asked Dr. Scott if I could ask some questions in an interview format regarding firstfruits and giving. I feel that there are many people who have not been taught why we should give. Unfortunately, giving has taken on many names and has become a charitable situation. People get intimidated because they simply do not have the information needed to make a spiritually sound step towards God. I can look at my own background where giving was always reduced to pocket change. Then, through the teaching of Dr. Gene Scott, I was blessed to understand what giving really means. It has opened up a spiritual understanding beyond what I could ever hope to articulate. For those that have been taught, I hope this will be a refreshing glimpse into what you already know. For those of you that are “newcomers,” I pray that some of your questions on this subject will be answered. I also wish to note that Dr. Scott graciously gave permission for this to be printed in a Pulpit format (after all, his voice is the Pulpit).

Pastor Melissa Scott

Q. Some people have never heard about firstfruits. Will you explain it?

A. It’s very simple. Firstfruits is the first produce, the first receipts of labor, the first income that you receive in the year or from any new venture.

Q. How is firstfruits different from tithes and/or offerings?

A. Well, first I’ll answer it by saying where they are alike. Tithes are distinct from offerings, because offerings are a voluntary giving out of that which the Lord allows us to keep. “The tithe…is the LORD’S.” (Leviticus 27:30) It isn’t ours, it belongs to the Lord. Most of the world thinks they own what they have. Those that have been bought by the blood of Christ understand that the earth is the Lord’s and that WE are the Lord’s. He’s made a good deal for us. He has promised to bless the ninety percent if we recognize His ownership by giving what is His to Him. According to Malachi 3:8 to keep the tithe is to be a thief and a robber. Firstfruits, likewise, are the Lord’s. (cf. Exodus 23:19) To give the firstfruits is to recognize God’s ownership and that whatever we receive and whatever we gain and whatever we get from our labor, from our life, is God’s provision and we give Him the firstfruits.

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