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Christ revealed Himself by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that by the way it is absolutely subjective genitive, which means that Christ revealed Himself; He was revealed, He was unveiled, and the “unveiling” emanated from Christ. Not just that Paul received a revelation containing Christ, but the risen Christ revealed Himself to him and that’s where he received it, so it is a subjective genitive. Objective genitive would simply say, “I received the content, somebody gave me a revelation which contained Christ’s message in it.” That’s not what’s being said. So it’s paramount, and this is why the grammar helps us a lot, to see his argument is not, “I’m going to remind you again, I’m going to tell you brothers.”

And by the way, for a person like me, if people were jumping ship and being turncoat on the Gospel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ: salvation, grace, His mercy; if they turn-coated on that, I wouldn’t be saying adelphoi. Paul is showing an example. He’s still calling them brothers. So he says, “This, I’m going to remind you of: the good news and there’s only one good news.” And what that “one good news” is, he’ll go on to unfold in this letter.

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