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Free In Christ by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that Galatians chapter 1. I don’t want to recap except to say that Paul is defending the faith and is up against those who would like to, who are trying to attack, the subversive attacks against the church; churches which he planted by the way. I wrote verse 11 and verse 12 on the board. That’s where were are going to do a little bit of reading starting from verse 11 forward, so just follow me as the King James reads:

“But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man. For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ. For ye have heard of my conversation” – my behavior – “in time past in the Jews’ religion, how that beyond measure I persecuted the church of God, and wasted it: and profited in the Jews’ religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my father.” These few verses are so important. If there was anybody who understood Judaism and the Law, this is the man. And what a great irony, this is the man that God’s going to pick to say, “No more law. It’s been fulfilled.”

The great controversy that I believe permeates the church world today; the Ten Commandants are still being preached. The Law is still being preached. I had a conversation with somebody and I said you know why people present the Ten…. By the way, the Law is not just the Ten Commandments. The Law is much more than that. It’s somewhere around 340, off the top of my head. I can’t remember, but 340 regulations of what you ought to do and about 365 taboo things. I calculated a number somewhere around that, so if you want to live by that be my guest. You’re going to have miserable time trying to figure it all out anyway.

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