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The Christianity by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that where people have tried to just beat you over the head and say ‘well you know this and that and the other thing.’ Jesus, when He hung on the cross – and I’m going to personalize it for me, you personalize it for you – He hung on the cross for me. That means the shame, the guilt, the reproach. It hung on the cross with Him and I by carrying it around I basically say ‘I’m just going to crucify Christ anew everyday.’ That’s my act.

I’ve got this bag on my back stuffed with my sin. Let me carry it around and show everybody what it looks like so you can all get a good look at what I’m carrying around. And if that’s not enough, let me hand to you what I’m carrying so you can beat over the head with it. That’s not the Christianity that I want because that’s not the Christianity that I came to know or that I know that’s in the Bible that’s been promised to me or to you.

Now, what happens… Now I said to you this was going to be a basic faith message. Too many times it’s easy to forget. ‘Well I’ve walked with the Lord for twenty years. I’ve seen all there is and I know all there is.’ Maybe today like me, because I do it daily, take a fresh look at myself. It is that recognition that lets you cry out to God “Lord be merciful to me a sinner.” It’s that recognition I am not perfect and I’m never going to be perfect. That implant that He deposited in me at the beginning – I love the way that people say it ‘I’m a righteous person’ or ‘you’re a righteous person.’ What does righteousness look like? Can you see it? I’m afraid to tell some people the thing called the measure of the deposit of the Holy Spirit is the spirit-man in you out-raying His Being out of your body that becomes what is called ‘the fruit of the spirit.’ But righteousness at face value is imputed to the one believing and faithing in Jesus Christ.

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