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The glory of God by Pastor Melissa Scott

Those who have ears to hear, this message is going to be for you, whether you’re an old-timer, a new-timer or a first-timers tuning in on Internet today.

I have put on the board – normally we put languages on the board for correction. We turn to the best languages when a scripture has been mistranslated in the King James, which it happens. Today I have another purpose for putting the languages on the board. I could have put more but I thought it good. How many do we have here? We have Russian and we have French and we have Latin and we have Espanol, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac and I decided to put some Danish up on the board as well. Now – wait a minute though. I’m glad you’re – that’s only a fraction of what I’m capable of. I just decided I wouldn’t bore you with it because it’s not the usual reason I’d put a language up on the board.

Now what I’ve done here is I’ve put a very familiar text on the board. If you open your Bibles it’s my place of departure. Open your Bibles. If you’re watching at home go get a Bible.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that Romans 3:22, the last portion of the phrase and Romans 3:23. The last portion the phrase says “there” – I’m going to write it in English so we can all read it together. “There is no difference” – I think I’m writing English – “There is no difference” – and it should continue as one sentence – “for all have” done good, for all are perfect. Just checking. Some of you might have already departed me. “For all have” loved? “For all have sinned.” – Who me?  No. “and” – there’s an ‘and’ in there. A conjunction – “and come short” – I’m just writing it as it appears in the King James – “come short of the glory of God.” That’s my point of departure.

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