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The Power of the Papacy by Pastor Melissa Scott

Boniface 672 to 754. And it’s just simply says just a very slight small thing on him. He tried to remove the corruption. It says here that Boniface and other Anglo-Saxon missionaries took the lead in removing corruption in existing churches. You cannot deny what has happened. And it took somebody – let me flip forward and away. I’m going to abandon this church period for a minute and jump way ahead to Wycliff. The date of this he penned in 1379, The Power of the Papacy and listen to what he says. He downgraded the papacy at the time Europe was confronted with the undefying, unedifying spectacle of rival Popes anathematizing one another – just back and forth bashing each other. “The time was ripe for reexamination and the rule of the Pope.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that in 1379 he wrote The Power of the Papacy “in which he argues that papacy is an office instituted by man, not by God. Furthermore the Pope’s authority is confined to the church and does not extend to secular government. More important the Pope’s authority is not automatic but depends on his moral character, likened to the character of Peter.  Such a statement implied the rejection of nearly all the recent Popes. A Pope who does not follow Jesus Christ the antichrist. I’m reading from a book. I’m not telling you my opinion. This is Wycliff’s writing. He went one step further branding not just the bad Popes but the institution of the papacy itself as the antichrist. He shocked his contemporaries the most was in his rejection of the doctrine of transubstantiation” – which I’m going to talk about now, because that brings us back to the text.

The church in Pergamos, we have the same – if you read in 2:14 you’ll read the same caution, the same thing is being said to the church at Pergamos regarding eating the things sacrificed unto idols and to commit fornication. It is spiritual fornication. Please understand that. There are those people that are going to say ‘well, isn’t fornication fornication?’ Let me tell you Jesus is not against a man and woman, husband and wife being together. This is spiritual fornication. Keep it in the context of what He’s trying to say.

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