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The Book of Revelation by Pastor Melissa Scott

I’m taking us back into the Book of Revelation and if I don’t take time to walk us through each of the churches we will not be able to fully see the depths, the evil.

Remember in the fourth chapter the church is no longer here. So if you don’t have a full picture of all that’s happened there’s going to be some pieces missing. Now I say this, we’ve already looked at and I’m going to recap briefly because it’s almost like adding layers. Let’s start back with 1:19 where it says; Jesus is talking to John and He says “Write the things that where seen,  and the things which are, and the things hereafter” or thereafter. Meta tauta in the Greek: ‘the things after these things.’ We saw the church at Ephesus. A church that abandoned its first love, plagued with false prophets. We saw the church – and that by the way, the church Ephesus the apostolic age; the end of the apostolic age. The church at Smyrna; the church of persecution. The church at Pergamos, let me start by saying that church is the marriage of church and state with Constantine issuing the Edict of Tolerance. The heavy hand of persecution is being stayed. And at this church in that realm we encounter many different things. Along the way each has a claim to fame.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this church at Pergamos, there’s one thing that stood out, this temple called the Asclepion which was the temple of the healing God- but not ‘I’m the Lord that healeth thee’ – the healing god, which was depicted by a snake. Need I say any more? The devil’s a good copycat.

Now we’re getting to the fourth church. I want you to look at the churches. Envision them like a corridor that we’re walking down and each church we open the door – forget about opening your Bible and think about opening the door into history because everything that is recorded in this prophecy – this is what I don’t understand about people. This is a prophecy and much of it has already come to pass. There’s much of it yet to come. But if you’re reading this without the eyes of understanding, maybe the first time you’ve read Revelation. You said ‘it’s just too complicated.’

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