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Christian world by Pastor Melissa Scott

What is the difference between this word thlipsin and suffering? Is there a difference? Well, I’ve penned these dot, dot, dot mean I just latched it on somewhere here. In verse 10, I’ll put here V-10, this word paschein means ‘to suffer,’ to suffer and it is a verb, basic stuff here. What’s beautiful about that word, if you read in Luke 22:15 when Jesus is talking about the Passover and some of you already know because you read the Greek or you understand, in this word you have the word pascha, which is the Greek word for pascal, Passover.

So when He says I’m, I’m desiring with much desire to, to pascha with you before my pathein and I’ll probably talk about this a lot more because it’s so staggering as I read it I went wow that’s amazing that Passover in the Old Testament, death passed over the people and they were spared but for Jesus, He became our Passover which means He had to die. So, there is a difference.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this thing here called thlipsin means I’m going to have tribulation with me; it’s part of the Christian trip. Now I guarantee you anybody you talk to out in the Christian world will tell you how to relieve your stress, how to live a debt free life, how to you know they give advice about everything. I’m not going to give you that advice.

If you don’t know how to manage your money, let me give you one tip.   Put God first. The tithe is the Lord’s. Put your money in the storehouse and He’ll take care of the rest. Now, I say that because I can’t give you financial advice other than what God’s book tells us. God’s book does tell us that. It doesn’t tell us about credit management. Although if you want to talk about what’s accumulated, charged to your personal account before God, then we can start talking about something else.

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