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The New Testament by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that there was no rebuke to the church at Smyrna. And what’s so ironic is today standing in what is modern Turkey, Izmir. That land that has always been, that has, that has not stopped being, not the original church that was but there is still a Christian church there, underground by the way, but there’s still a Christian church in what was Smyrna. You think that there’s a coincidence there, I don’t think so. The more I read the Bible and the more I latch onto God’s Word the more I recognize He gave this with little subtle things that if we’re not smart enough to heed the warning, it’s applicable to us too.

This church at Smyrna known for the church of martyrdom and suffering, we’re going to talk about that a little bit. First, in the New Testament the word, let me find a place where I haven’t graffitied somewhere, this is holy graffiti like Dr. Scott used to say, the name for the church Smurne is what Smyrna reads in your King James. If you take that word smurne translate it back into English it is the transliteration of the word ‘myrrh.’ Three times in the New Testament before we get here, the word myrrh is used. One time and I love how the Bible just confirms itself and weaves the tapestry for us. If I can’t just get somebody excited about this then it’s never going to happen, just forget about it. Some of you’ve already forgotten about it then.

Matthew 2:11 has the picture, don’t turn there we’re not going there, Matthew 2:11 has the picture of baby Jesus with the wise men. Some of you were here when I delivered the message that there were not just three but more but because there’s three gifts it’s assumed there was three wise men; there were many wise men. Three gifts delivered to the child Jesus, one gift of gold, one gift of frankincense, one gift of myrrh, the gift of gold representing His deity, His kingship, His truth; the gift of frankincense which was burned to perfume in the Old Testament the most holy place in the Tabernacle and the gift of myrrh representing death. It’s a strange gift to give to a baby child born King that they came to worship. That’s the first place we see myrrh.

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