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The good fight of faith by Pastor Melissa Scott

And it does something! Once you have made up your mind and that’s that, these things they just add to a place where you come and you say “That’s it! This is absolute, one, I don’t need all that other stuff!” But when you add it on, it’s like icing on the cake. How can you go wrong with that? A lot of people say “Well, do you really believe in this Christian stuff?” And power, enough proof, tangible proof if that’s what you need, but it’s more blessed to believe without seeing.

Having said that, go with me to Revelation, chapter 2. I wanted to set the stage with a look at what Paul had to come up to and I’ll tell you, Paul was a smart cookie, because you read in 1st Corinthians 16:8, Paul says he’s going to tarry at Ephesus until Pentecost, and he doesn’t tell you why because at Pente , at the end of Pentecost right into the month of, in the month of May, the largest gathering called the Artemisian, the largest gathering, it was like the Olympics of the Helles, but more! It was like the Olympics meets Marti Gras.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us thst everybody who is somebody piled into Ephesus. Paul, this is how smart he was, he’s going to tarry there until Pentecost because he knew the most people would be there for him to Gospelize and preach the Word. And you read that by and go gawala la la la la la, okay I’m tarrying till Pentecost, without seeing he had a brilliant mind. He knew where the most people were going to be, where the best opportunity.

And, by the way, how do come up against these people who are selling these trinkets in the temple when they have these games, they called the ‘Artemisian Games,’ when they had them, where we’ll just say any sport where a person participated you’d be likely to see them having a trinket of the temple because they believed that gave them strength or that would help them win? He went into that frame of reference, so when we look at the Church in Ephesus today, the Church we’re going to look at in the book of Revelation, keep that in mind because so much fighting on Paul’s behalf, so much pushing and so much pushing and so much pushing. When he says he “fought the good fight of faith” he wasn’t kidding! He really went at it, until he could reach all that he could.

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