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The Message of Jesus Christ by Pastor Melissa Scott

How could this Church that Paul worked so hard to de cannibalize, if you want, how could it have fallen apart? How could they have? Jesus says “I’ve got something against you.” We’ll look at this in the coming messages. “You’ve left your first love.” How could they have left their first love if their first love was agape? If their first love was “Christ my deliverer, my savior, my cleanser, my redeemer”   how could they lose their first love? Question is, it’s easy to read and say, “Well, that’s the Ephesian Church back there in John’s day.”

The fact of the matter is that’s the Church world today. I was remarking to somebody, I said, “You know, we have so much work to do. We have so much work to do. I probably have to live five lifetimes to do it.” All the things that we have to do that we should be excited. People should be saying “Come on now, let me in there. I know I can help you with something. There’s surely something that I can do with you for the Kingdom.” And I stand in constant frustration   there’s somebody back there that’ll confirm that   I stand in constant frustration because if people recognized they’re supposedly pressing into the Kingdom .

I want you to think about something. You ever see, I’m going to make a cartoon picture for you, you ever see twenty or thirty people trying to break through a locked door, leaning up against a door and they’re all trying to push through the door to get in; the door’s locked, enough weight, and they’ll all go in? That’s what pressing into the Kingdom should be for every person who has heard the message of Jesus Christ, who knows where they’re going and they’re fixated on the fact that this is not just I’m washed and I’m cleansed now, “I’m free, I’m free, I’m free, thank God I’m free!  You have a responsibility because you were bought with a price and let me tell you something, neither you or I came cheaply.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that pressing into the Kingdom means you are at that door, narrow is the way   it’s a very small way to get in   but you’re at that door leaning with all your force to press in there, that when the door opens, when the door opens, you will be one of those that is at the front, not because you   and it’s a paradox. You all know the paradox: you don’t get to go first by putting yourself there, and paradoxically you don’t become last because you think you’re going to get to be first. But if you’re talking about the Kingdom and you’re pushing in like Luke 16:16 says, “pressing into the Kingdom, it means you don’t stop pressing towards the mark and you keep going.

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