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The Picture of Christ by Pastor Melissa Scott

Go back to Revelation with me; let me take a sidebar. Here it says “Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, girt about the chest with a golden girdle.” In the days of the high priest, in the day of the judges, and in the day of kings, they wore long garments. The long garments suggested the judicial side, the high priest function, the kingly role. Now, we’re going back in time. When they wore these robes, they also wore them except for special robes they put on on special days they wore these robes to work in the Temple in.

So you’ve got this big flowing thing what are you going to do with it? When it says somebody’s loins were girt up, it’s like a diaper, they take something and pin it like this and pin it like this, And now they’re free to move around without getting this robe in the way, okay? Understand that is the concept, when you read somebody’s loins were girt about. That’s what we’re imagining. What Daniel saw, it’s so hard for people to accept this, what Daniel saw was a picture of Christ, before Christ was, with a difference.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the loins were girt and not the chest. When Jesus appears now to John, He’s no more girded about the loins, He’s got this golden sash around His heart. He’s appearing to him now His earthly ministry, His work that He would have to be doing – His earthly work is done. There’s no need to be girt about anything. Does that make sense to you? The sash around His chest representing the rest of the work is above.

And anybody who says, “Well, John is just borrowing, I’d go back and argue and say, “Okay, when we get to talking about the Seven Churches and the angels that are being addressed, what do you do when you have the angel of the Lord appearing to Abraham on the plains of Mamre. You’ve got the angel of the Lord appearing to Manoah. You’ve got the angel of the Lord appearing to Gideon. You’ve got the angel of the Lord appearing to this person. Is it just a copycat?

He was in the beginning, and He doesn’t change, and He, He reappears in like manner. And He appeared before the Incarnation in this way, and He, God saw what He would have to do, the concept of having to be clothed with flesh that we might recognize Him we didn’t. It’s not a hard concept, so this, what is happening here to me, not foreign at all. In fact it only confirms this is what I love about the Bible if you’re really reading the Bible, it’ll confirm itself.

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