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All About Psalm 23 by Melissa Scott

Who is this Yahweh? So this began a quest. I first looked at the first use. As I said we encountered God in the creation as Elohim. Let’s do this. And in the Hebrew, if I were to write it in the Hebrew I explained this when I was teaching through Genesis that the ending shows what is was called the plural of majesty or plurality of majesty. I am not concerned at this point with defining what the plurality is of God. We have one God; there’s not many gods.

But it’s remarkable that after you leave the Genesis creation account and you embark on that 2nd chapter, beginning at the 4th verse, you’ll find that the first compound between this word which is Yahweh and Elohim being translated LORD, capital letters and God. First time is Genesis 2:4 forward and thereafter, if you follow that tapestry you’ll find something again quite staggering. That at the close of that portion beginning after the fall, so after the 3rd chapter we encounter just simply L-O-R-D Yahweh for the first time and that is the way man and God would relate, in that frame of reference from that point forward.

Now what makes this so difficult is we’re not dealing necessarily with the full picture of what happened in the old writings. Why? Because historically we don’t have a good grasp, we lack historical evidence. The Hebrew, unlike the Greek, leaves us with some mystery dangles. Let me go this way. I’m going to go another way and then try and work my way back. The most complete manuscript that we have, that exists in its complete form, is dated to about 1008 or -9 and that is, I’ll abbreviate, the Leningrad Codex. And that is the most complete manuscript we have for the Hebrew.

Going behind that there may be another manuscript which we call the Aleppo Codex and it is incomplete in terms of it’s, the whole work involved, it is incomplete. It is considered an incomplete manuscript. It’s dating back to somewhere in the 9- late 900′s; we’ll say it’s 980. It could be as early as 960. Behind that there’s one other manuscript which is the Cairo, the Cairo Codex.

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