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Faith in the Bible by Pastor Melissa Scott


Pastor Melissa Scott shows us that there are many expressions of Faith in the Bible. There are people in the Bible that you’ll encounter, particularly in the Old Testament, who have little or no Faith, for example, Gideon and his vocabulary of doubt. Moses didn’t lack Faith. He just said “What am I going to say?” When God called him, he said “Who am I? What am I going to say? What am I going to tell the people?” I don’t believe it was a lack of Faith. Remember this is the man that lived in the palaces of Egypt and left them to follow God. That took courage, and courage is a large part of Faith.


 We always go back to these basic principles. “Without faith it’s impossible to please God” and there’s got to be a Faith element in the whole equation. We have been taught Faith is an action. These are the ABC’s of Faith: ‘Action, based upon belief, sustained by confidence.’ It’s not based on emotion. People tend to equate Faith with ‘I hope’ and hope can be crushed, Faith cannot. I’m going to use a picture analogy, “The stone that the builders rejected,” your Faith should be as solid as that. The disciples prayed “Increase our faith.” That can be our prayer as we grow and study and hear, Faith comes by hearing God’s Word. If your Faith increases and increases and then somehow your Faith is on the decline like the Stock Market, you’ve got something wrong with where you’re investing your Faith. I can tell you it’s not in God and His Word. For He is God and changes not.

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